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‘A glow from the inside out’: What to expect from BodySense Beauty Treatments, according to a client

“How’s the pressure?” Rosa Scialo, owner of BodySense Beauty Treatments, asks me as I lie face up on her beauty couch with my eyes closed waiting for the gentle (but effective) concoction of active ingredients she’s put on my face to work their magic.

“It’s perfect,” I reply, as Rosa carries on with her craft, massaging my upper body and making the muscle knots in my shoulders a thing of the past.

With the soft and soothing New-Age music delicately playing in the background and the scent of geranium, neroli and eucalyptus wafting through the air, you could be fooled into thinking that I’m having an aromatherapy massage at an idyllic spa retreat somewhere far, far away.

And although it feels like that (minus the Great British weather, of course), in reality I’m having my first facial with multi-award winning beauty therapist Rosa, who, along with offering an extensive list of beauty treatments — ranging from advanced aesthetics to manicures — also delivers skincare solutions with a much-welcomed side of top-to-toe massage.

Skincare solutions for all the senses

It’s fair to say that relaxation is taken pretty seriously around here. And it’s noticeable from the moment you walk into Rosa’s serene and spotlessly clean at-home salon in Bromley.

Skincare is not only Rosa’s 33-year-long profession, but it’s also her passion. The fact that Rosa tailors each skincare treatment to you is a case in point.

To help Rosa decipher what your skin needs, she asks me (and every new client) to fill out a consultation form, which asks questions about my medical history and skincare woes.

From allergies to skin conditions, this information allows Rosa to customise each experience to each and every client, work on specific problem areas and provide high-quality aftercare advice.

After explaining her reasons, Rosa recommends I indulge in a Corrective Peel. “This chemical peel is a very soft and gentle treatment which uses a mix of AHAs and BHAs to improve texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and any other minor skin imperfections,”. “Sign me up”, I say.

Operation glow-up begins

I lie down on the beauty couch and Rosa starts by gently cleansing my face to rid the pollution, banish the free radicals and melt away everything else the day has thrown my way. She gently brushes the peel on and operation glow-up gets underway.

One of Rosa’s USPs is the fact she uses products expertly crafted by Matis Paris. The products are crafted with quality ingredients, backed by science and are the epitome of a decadent skincare solution. Pair this with Rosa’s holistic approach to skincare and you’ve got yourself a treat for all the senses.

Once the peel has dealt with all of my problem areas, Rosa wipes this off and gives my skin a much-needed boost of hydration through the use of Matis Paris’ Hyalushot-Perf bio-cellulose face mask. This mask is loaded with three different types of hyaluronic acid, each of which comes with a different molecular structure. The largest sits on the surface of the skin and is responsible for plumping and smoothing. The second largest molecule penetrates deeper into the epidermis and draws water into the skin. The smallest molecule is able to reach your dermis to help support, lift and give it structure.

While the face mask is on, Rosa uses a Sonophoresis ultrasound device which uses vibration to create a gateway for the serum to penetrate the deeper layers of skin. Pretty scientific stuff!

The result

For the 60 minutes I’m in the hot seat (or should I say spa seat?) life is on pause. So much so, I almost drift off into a glorious slumber — and as Rosa later tells me — I wouldn’t be the first client to do so. I’m pretty sure if you googled ‘R&R’ your phone would lead you to this location.

I entered BodySense Beauty Treatments with a face full of tired, dehydrated skin and my shoulders pressed up to my ears, but I left with a glow from the inside out. A skincare treatment with Rosa isn’t just a 60 minute run-of-the-mill facial. It’s a 60-minute top-to-toe pamper that promises a holistic experience to take with you long after you’ve left.

Speaking of which, the day after the treatment I receive a message from Rosa. “Just following up to see how your skin is feeling?” she writes. She also directs me to an aftercare page on her website to really maximize the benefits of my treatment. As it turns out, BodySense Beauty Treatments really is the gift that keeps on giving.



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