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Everything (and more) you need to know about skincare brand, Matis Paris

Matis Paris products on a pink and purple background

Quality ingredients, science-backed formulations and personalised treatments are at the heart of the award-winning luxury skincare brand, Matis Paris.

So it’s no wonder why beauty therapist, Rosa Scialo of BodySense Beauty Treatments, has been using the leading French skincare brand both personally and professionally for 32 years. “When I first set up the company 33 years ago, I was using another French brand,” Rosa says. “But it was a small range, so I wanted something that offered more.”

Rosa came across Matis Paris at a beauty trade show after her husband Franco was handed a bag of samples for men. “When he got home, and started using them, he said ‘this is really good’.” Rosa got in touch with her local Matis representative, researched everything there is to know about the brand, and as Rosa says: “The rest is history.”

The history of Matis Paris

Launched in 1936 by pharmacist Dr. Mavromati, Matis Paris is a planet-friendly, independent French skincare brand that has built its success on its personalised skincare treatments and its rich 86-year-history of beauty industry experience. It sells its quality products in over 73 countries.

The brand takes inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine and molecular & cellular biology to deliver tailormade skincare solutions.

All Matis Paris products are dermatologically tested, developed and produced in its state-of-the-art factory in France, near Cosmetic Valley. They grow the majority of the ingredients themselves so they have more control of what goes into their products ensuring the highest quality treatments.

So, why should you invest in Matis Paris?

1. Matis Paris is tailored to you

You won’t find Matis Paris stocked in your local pharmacy or supermarket. Instead, these innovative products can be purchased through a Matis Paris-trained beauty therapist (like Rosa) who has the 30+ year knowledge and experience to assess your concerns, decipher what your skin needs and find the solution.

And it’s for good reason. “Our skin is complex and unfortunately more often than not, when people pick up off-the-shelf skincare, they self-prescribe the wrong product,” explains Rosa. “Then, when they don’t get the results they want, they blame the product.”

2. Only the best active ingredients are used

In the world of skincare, active ingredients refer to ingredients that address different skin concerns. Be it anti-ageing, dullness or hyperpigmentation.

So no matter whether it’s hyaluronic acid (which is hydrating), vitamin C (which helps brighten), AHAs (which exfoliate) or the holy grail of anti-aging, Vitamin A (which is more informally known as retinol) — the brand’s tried and tested formulations and innovative treatments address skincare problems for today and tomorrow.

3. The ingredients are highly concentrated

This means you’ll get fast, visible and lasting results.

“Matis Paris uses active ingredients, which have a strong potency, but these are gentle to your skin,” Rosa says. “This allows the proven formulas to penetrate the different layers of your epidermis quickly and more effectively.”

Therefore, a little goes a long way. “Which is good for our skin concerns and for our pockets too,” Rosa adds.

4. It’s kind to the planet

Looking after the planet is extremely important and necessary, Rosa is proud to support Matis Paris who put the planet first.

Plus, to keep its carbon footprint to a minimum, all ingredients are obtained locally in France and from the brand’s own farms, or labs. “Any ingredients Matis Paris can't make or source locally, they use with caution,” Rosa explains. “Matis is a brand that respects nature.” Also, any ingredient they cannot grow themselves is ethically sourced.

5. Matis Paris is a cruelty free brand

So you can rest assured that no furry friends were harmed in the process of crafting the products, as Matis Paris does not test on animals.

6. There’s a wide range of treatments and products available

Whether you’re looking to hydrate, plump, exfoliate, brighten or more — there’s a Matis Paris treatment and product available.

Rosa adds: “The wide range means I can bespoke the treatments for my clients, and offer good quality homecare to help them further improve the results.”

Treatments to try this summer

  • Elcat Solution — Looking to recharge your skin for summer and get that glow? This one-hour treatment is a glow booster that energises skin, restores its radiance and gives you a good glow for summer (and beyond).

  • Corrective Peel — Peels aren’t just for winter! This soft and gentle one-hour facial uses the all-important AHAs and BHAs to improve texture, smooth fine lines, rid wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and give any other minor skin imperfections the boot. “This is great to have before you go on holiday, as it will help you tan more evenly,” Rosa explains. But just remember with a peel, you’ll need to allow between 5-7 days of downtime before travelling to somewhere sunny.

  • Cell skin Solution — Relaxing, refreshing, regenerating, Cell Skin Solution leaves your skin feeling hydrated, smooth, radiant and rejuvenated for the new season. This 75-minute treatment can give your skin a much-needed boost now, along with looking after your skin in the future by carefully reducing muscle movement, which therefore delays the appearance of wrinkles. Find out more here.


Matis Paris is:

Tailored to you — Best active ingredients — High potency — Kind to the planet — 

Cruelty free — Wide range of treatments.


If you’re interested in any of these treatments, or have another query, get in touch with award-winning beauty therapist Rosa. Rosa specialises in tailoring treatments to you and your skin. So if you’re unsure what treatment is right for you, Rosa is able to find the solution.



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