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12 days of Christmas: a dozen ways to look after your skin during festive season

The countdown ‘til Christmas is well and truly on.

But with all the over-indulging, social drinking, and staying up much later than usual, the party season can leave your skin feeling like its lost its sparkle. From dry and flaky patches to breakouts – the festivities can wreak havoc on your skin.

So, to end the year on a high and celebrate with your loved ones while feeling like your best-self, qualified therapist Rosa Scialo has pulled together some top skincare tips to take note of.

1. Always remember to cleanse

Let’s take it back to basics! Cleansing is one of the most important stages of your skincare routine, but it’s also one of the most overlooked.

“Cleansing should be a part of both your morning and evening routine,” Rosa tells us. “I’d also suggest double cleansing at night – especially if you’ve been exercising. The first cleanse removes any superficial makeup, impurities, bacteria or pollution that may be sitting on your skin. While the second cleanse will actually give your skin a deeper cleanse.”

2. Take on toner

After cleansing, toner comes next.

As Rosa explains: “Usually your skin’s natural pH level is around 5. But once you have cleansed, or double cleansed your skin to remove any traces of dirt and pollutants it’s been exposed to during the day, it causes an imbalance to your pH level.”

Rosa continues: “Which is why it’s so important to use a toner to help restore your skin’s natural pH level.”

3. Exfoliate your skin

You should exfoliate your skin throughout the year. But especially during the winter months. Why?

“Exposing your skin to the cold air outside, along with the heating inside can really dehydrate your skin cells,” Rosa tells us. “Which is why it’s essential to remove the dead skin cells that build up over time so any active ingredients in our skincare products can penetrate the skin and actually do their job more effectively.”

Rosa says: “Also, exfoliating stimulates cell regeneration. Therefore it improves the overall look and texture of the skin. Skin that has not been exfoliated will look tired and devitalised.”

4. Mask up

After months and months spent wearing face masks, it’s time to revive your skin with a different kind of mask.

“Whether it’s a mud, clay, sheet or peel-off offering, after exfoliating, now is the time to work a much-needed mask into your clean skin,” Rosa says. “Your complexion will thank you for it!”

5. Say yes to serums

Nowadays there is a serum for anything. From anti-ageing options, purifying offerings or serums for sensitive skin. But why should we be adding one into our beauty arsenal?

According to Rosa: “Serums contains the highest concentration of active ingredients, especially if they are water-based. Your serum needs to be selected based on your first cause for concern.”

6.Don’t ditch your day cream

Day creams help protect your skin and if you’ve got a good one, it can help to keep it moisturised and hydrated all day long. However, when it comes to selecting your day cream, here’s some words of wisdom to keep in mind:

“You must select your day cream based on your skin type and not your age,” Rosa says. “Just like our fingerprints, everyone’s skin is so different. Two people might be the same age, but one person might have always looked after their skin, while the other has never used moisturiser in their life. They will need completely different sets of cream to help address any worrisome areas.”

7. Night Cream

After an intense night or day out, it can be easy to let your nightly skincare routine go out of the window. But here’s why you should keep on top of it:

“At night when we sleep, our skin cells get to work repairing all the damage that has occurred during the day,” Rosa explains. “Our skin also feeds during the night which is why a slightly richer moisturiser is usually very well received."

"Ideally, it is better to use a different night cream to your day cream, something more nourishing," Rosa adds.

8. Don’t forget to use your SPF

It might be winter. But even through the coldest and most festive months we should be applying SPF.

As Rosa tells us: “Sun damage is the main cause of ageing. But even if your product says it contains an SPF, chances are, it’s still not enough. So make sure you use a separate SPF and layer your products."

“This will be far more effective in keeping your skin looking its best all year round. It won’t only protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, but it will work to create a barrier from the infrared and blue light omitted from our handheld smartphones and devices.”

9. Make sure you get your beauty sleep

Yes, beauty sleep is a real thing. As Rosa explains: “We under-estimate the value of a good night’s sleep. Lots of things are happening in the deeper layers of our skin while we are asleep. New cells are being made, collagen is being stimulated, damaged cells are being repaired and toxins are being removed the list is endless.”

“But, of course, all this will be compromised if you are not getting adequate, good quality sleep.”

10. Make use of your fridge

Puffy eyes can be a dead giveaway of a heavy night. But eye products are particularly useful once left in the fridge for a few hours.

Rosa says: “The cooling aspect of the eye gel will be soothing and draining especially if you’ve had a late couple of nights and are prone to puffy eyes.”

11. Change your skincare regime up!

Just like with exercise, it’s important to mix up your skincare regime to get the best results.

“Don’t use the same products all the time even if you love them,” Rosa says. “After a while they’ll lose the benefit. Our skin changes per season, so you must adapt your skincare to suit this. Also stress, medication, our diet, and changes in our health all contribute to our skin needing a change too. And with Christmas being a time like no other, your skin will most probably want a switch up too."

“So try something a little different, then go back to your favourite products if you find you still want to.”

12. Invest in a Konjac Sponge or Silicone Cleansing Brush

These are the game changers to add to your skincare routine all year round but especially over the festive season.

Why? As Rosa tells us: “Konjac sponges and silicone cleansing brushes work by gently exfoliating the skin and sloughing away the dead skin cells as you work them over your face. They also help to increase circulation and therefore increase oxygen to the cells. The result? Skin that feels fresh, smooth and has a healthy glow which is just what the doctor ordered this party season.”

If you’re interest in adding a konjac sponge into your routine, the Matis Konjac sponge is made from biodegradable Konjac fibres that come from the Konjac Tree Root and contain vitamins and minerals. While if a silicone cleansing brush is more your thing, check out Matis’ selection as there are three different colours to choose from. Get in touch with Rosa to find out more.



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