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TCA Skin peels: What are they? What do they do? And who should have one?

‘Tis the season for celebrations. But ‘tis also the season for skin peels.

Along with being able to give your skin a healthy radiant glow (whatever the weather), chemical skin peels also have brilliant anti-ageing qualities, acne-reducing powers and pigmentation-ridding features. They really are the gift that keeps on giving.

With winter just around the corner, a skin peel could be just the thing to banish dull and tired looking skin and instead, encourage an ‘a-peeling’ healthy glow.

So, what do skin peels do?

Essentially, chemical peels do exactly as their name suggests: they carefully remove layers of dead skin cells that build up over a period of time. By doing so they encourage skin rejuvenation and cell renewal to enhance a healthy glow, along with stimulating the formation of collagen and tighten elastin.

Collagen is the holy grail in the beauty world. That’s because this already naturally occurring protein is responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Two factors that are key in helping your skin looking fresh and fabulous.

How do you know what peel you need?

There are three types of peels, the more intensive it is and the deeper it can penetrate the skin. At BodySense Beauty Treatments, there are three different peel strengths to choose from – each of which penetrate different layers of the skin.

This includes:

  • Grade 1 – sometimes referred to as a superficial peel, this is a light corrective peel that is ideal for refreshing and rebalancing the skin to enhance a natural glow.

  • Grade 2 ­– a medium strength peel able to banish tired, dull and pigmented skin and replace it with a more youthful glow.

  • Grade 3 – an advanced or deep medical grade peel designed to penetrate deeper into the skin to restore and stimulate cellular renewal.

Our Grade 3 peel is a TCA peel and is one of the most anti-aging treatments you can do. Some would say it’s up there with Botox and fillers – just minus the needles.

Benefits of a TCA peel

A TCA peel is the most advanced medical grade peel on the skincare market right now. The anti-aging treatment takes 30 minutes and specifically targets:

  • Pigmentation

  • Skin irregularities including: sun damage

  • Skin texture

  • Restoring your skin with a healthy radiant glow

If you’ve got tired and devitalised skin, it needs oxygenating – and a chemical peel is the number one thing you can do you combat this.

What happens after the peel?

Everybody’s skin is different. Therefore, after your first skin peel treatment you might notice some skin flaking around day three to four. While for others it could be sooner, or later, or not at all.

The more dead skin cells you have, the more peeling you can expect to see. But essentially, you’ll look your brightest self instantly as a TCA peel offers immediate results.

How it works

If you’re new to peels, BodySense Beauty Treatment’s qualified therapist Rosa Scialo is able to advise you on what peel strength would suit your skin.

Rosa says: “With more than 30 years’ experience in the field I’m confident in tailoring each experience and treatment to each client.

“Whatever problem area you have, I’m here to help you feel confident and reach your skin goals.”

How to book

You might want to have a one-off treatment to kick-start the party season with a glow.

Or for more long-lasting results or to address specific problems with pigmentation or scarring, why not consider a course?

A very special offer

Christmas is a time for giving – which is why if you book in for your first skin peel by November 30th 2021 and pay for a course of three treatments, you’ll save yourself 20%.

Rosa always offers a 10% discount on a course of three treatments. But because it’s (nearly) Christmas, she’s offering another 10%. So if you book now, you’ll pay £336 instead of £378.

To reap the massive savings, use code: ‘TCA Peel Please’ when you get in touch with Rosa to find out more.



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