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The Elim Pedicure has landed — put your best foot forward with this ‘facial for your feet’

Spring has officially arrived bringing sandal season with it. But if your feet are looking a little more sock-ready than sandal-set, you’re going to want to feast your eyes on BodySense Beauty Treatment’s latest offering — the Elim Pedicure.

What is the Elim Pedicure?

Gone are the days of scrubbing, filing and brushing away hard skin and callouses on your feet. And in its place? The Elim Pedicure.

But this isn’t like any usual kind of transformative foot treatment you’ve had before. The Elim Pedicure is a medical grade treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and callouses from your feet.

“It’s a plush, pampering new generation pedicure that’s soft on your feet but hard on callouses,” award-winning beauty therapist Rosa Scialo and founder of BodySense Beauty Treatments, explains.

“It’s a very gentle peel which is basically a facial for the feet. The hour-long treatment also includes an AHA exfoliator, a mud mask, a massage and is finished off with a polish.”

What ingredients are in the Elim Pedicure?

The tailored treatment contains a clever concoction of powerhouse ingredients, like AHA exfoliants, which come with scientifically proven benefits and long-term results.

This includes the likes of:

  • Lactic acid, which promotes hydration

  • Glycolic acid, which delivers a non-abrasive form of exfoliation

  • Sodium hydroxide, which helps to soften the hard skin by softening the protein bonds

It’s hardworking ingredients like these which help to gently exfoliate, hydrate, purify, smooth and improve the texture of your feet and soles.

It’s all change!

“For years, harsh practices like scrubbing, filing and blading have been the answer to dry, cracking and hard skin on your feet,” Rosa says. “But not anymore.”

“According to the latest train of thought — which is backed up by years’ worth of research — filing can potentially cause more hard skin,” Rosa reveals. “That’s because filing and blading the skin on your feet sends a ‘trauma message’ to the brain via neurological pathways. This signal alerts your body to produce new skin cells to help heal the area — which causes more hard skin and more callouses.”

So when you are filing and blading the soles of your feet, it’s a short-term solution. “But unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a sustainable approach for healthy skin,” Rosa concludes.

So, it’s time to put a sock on:

  • Filing

  • Blading

  • Sugar scrubs

  • Harsh soap cleansers

  • Hard clay masks

  • Oily foot creams

And give a warm welcome to:

  • Alkaline peels

  • AHA exfoliants

  • Anti-bacterial soaps

  • Detox masks

“Alkaline peels offer a safe and effective alternative,” Rosa tells us. “They change the PH of the skin, changing the protein bonds that bind the skin together. And overall resulting in healthy, happy and holiday-ready feet.”

Ready to show your feet some TLC? Just give Bromley-based Rosa a call or email to find out more. The Elim Pedicure is tailored to the soles of your feet.



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