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Seven steps to beach ready feet

Maybe you’re planning to stay in the UK and take advantage of the warm weather we’re being promised in the next few weeks. Or perhaps you’re set to jump on a plane and head to far flung places. Whatever your plans, it might be time to ease off the trainers we’ve all been living in and give those feet some TLC before they see the light of day.

Award winning Beauty Therapist, Rosa Scialo from Bodysense Beauty Treatments shares her top tips for beach ready feet:

Remove old polish. Polish on toes can last ages. But if you have that tell-tale band of nail showing between toes and polish then it’s really time to get the remover out!

File nails rather than just cutting them. As satisfying as the nail clippers might be, a gentle file really is best where possible. Make sure to smooth any sharp edges to minimise the risk of blisters and ingrown nails.

Soak your feet in some warm water and Epsom salts for about 10-15 mins. The salts help to exfoliate the dead skin on the feet and will leave the skin feeling softer. Take the time to have a cuppa (or a glass of fizz!) and read a book. Or just close your eyes.

Pumice. Always on wet feet in warm water. This natural product is great for gently removing rough patches for your feet.

Scrub. Finish off the exfoliation process with your favourite foot scrub to polish and refresh the skin.

Moisturise. A good body lotion will work fine for rehydrating but something with peppermint is often a favourite for feet because of its cooling and deodorising properties.

Paint. Finally, paint those pretty toes with your favourite summer colour. My current favourite is Bio Sculpture Royal Red 94.

As Rosa says: “A little bit of self-care for the feet can make us all feel much better about baring our toes. But if you’d rather sit back and let someone else do the hard work then why not give me a call?

“I do a lovely pedicure that lasts an hour and costs just £35. Or why not splash out on an extra 30 minutes of pampering with my deluxe option at £45?”

Contact Rosa on 07719 568651 or



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