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We now stock ALLSKIN|MED — 4 benefits of using this results-driven cosmeceutical brand

If you hadn’t noticed already, skincare is taken pretty seriously around here at BodySense Beauty Treatments

So much so, no product, treatment or brand will dare touch the hands, face or skin of clients until it gets the all-important stamp of approval from beauty therapist and founder Rosa Scialo, who’s been in the industry for more than 34 years. 

Over her many decades in the business, Rosa has been personally and professionally using the award-winning luxury brand Matis Paris (and still does!). But as of 2024, there’s one more skincare range that passes the extensive tick list — and that’s ALLSKIN|MED


Known as a cosmeceutical, ALLSKIN|MED is a results-driven skincare brand that’s shaped by science. 

It pairs the most sought-after evidence-based ingredients in dermatology with years of knowledge and experience, bridging the gap between cosmetic grade skincare products (like your everyday face moisturiser) and pharmaceutical grade skin care (which you’ll need a prescription for). 

So, it’s no wonder why Rosa decided to introduce this brand into her clinic. 

ALLSKIN|MED is a professional skin care range where science meets experience. It delivers the best results in the shortest amount of time,” Rosa says. “No matter whether it’s acne, rosacea or you want to turn back time on wrinkles, their products and treatments will provide the outcome you’re after.”

The benefits of using ALLSKIN|MED

1 . ALLSKIN|MED is backed by science

You (and your skin) will be pleased to know that their products are the result of years’ worth of research and development by Cantabria laboratories. They are experts in dermatology and are most well-known for Heliocare, a market leader in sun protection products. Cantabria labs have four patented technologies — all of which come with clinically proven benefits. 

In fact, there’s more than 100 published clinical and scientific studies, including The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, proving that ALLSKIN|MED products deliver on their results. Just take a peek here and here, if you need more convincing. 

2. ALLSKIN|MED has cosmeceutical grade products

Cosmeceuticals represent a new category of products, which combine traditional cosmetic products with pharmaceutical technologies. They are ‘intended for the enhancement of both the health and beauty of skin’. ALLSKIN|MED is a specialist in this area of skin treatments and has established a brand that produces medical grade products. 

You can be assured that every time you use an ALLSKIN|MED product, you’ll be ‘treating’ the skincare issue now, as well as future proofing your skin’s health, too. 

3. ALLSKIN|MED is packed with actives

One example of this is the brand’s patented SCA PRO, which is a natural protein within the skin, that stimulates ‘growth factor activity’ to help promote cell growth and repair. 

“As we get older, our fibroblast cells become lazy and go to sleep and no longer create new collagen,” Rosa explains. “But these growth factors stimulate or ‘wake up’ the fibroblast cells to start producing new collagen and elastin. This results in firmer skin with a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and redness. It keeps the skin looking youthful and radiant. This powerful ingredient is proven to stimulate Hyaluronic acid meaning the skin cells are more hydrated. Some products contain up to 40% growth factors, which is a phenomenal amount,” Rosa says.

But there’s more! ALLSKIN|MED also features other technologies and ingredients such as Vitamin C, a retinol complex called Retinsphere, AHAs, an anti-pollution technology called E-defence and Fernblock, which protects the skin from UVA, UVB, Visible light and Infrared A. Pretty great, right? 

4. ALLSKIN|MED is only available from established aesthetic clinics

Meaning? No more self-prescribing products over the counter that aren’t right for your skincare woes. 

“Instead, you’ll be investing in treatments that are right for your skin, as you’ll have an expert determine what products you need,” Rosa adds. 

Keen to try out ALLSKIN|MED?

We don’t blame you! If you’re wondering where to start, Rosa has listed three of her tried, tested and much-loved favourites.

  • ALLSKIN|MED Regenerating Ampoules: As its name suggests, this rich and rejuvenating serum works hard to restore the skin back to its youth by reducing lines and increasing firmness. It’s packed with Vitamin C and E, along with the brand’s 40% SCA® PRO growth factors, which essentially helps to promote cell growth and repair. Inside you’ll find a box of 28 ampoules and the idea is to use one ampoule a day, morning and night. “It’s best used alongside clinic treatments to aid skin recovery and enhance results,” Rosa adds. 

  • ALLSKIN|MED Vitamin C Ampoules: Keen to brighten a dull appearance? Then these high-intensity Vitamin C ampoules are up to the task. “Helping to brighten and purify your complexion, along with kickstarting your skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin to smooth lines and wrinkles, this is another 28-day course that also minimises age spots and reduces pigmentation,” Rosa explains.  

  • ALLSKIN|MED Firming serum: “This product is a brilliant all-rounder,” Rosa says. “It’s very light, fast absorbing, regenerating and will boost brightness and firmness as it works its way deep into the dermis (the second layer of your skin).” It contains the brand’s SCA® PRO growth factors, Vitamins C and E and the holy grail of skincare: niacinamide, which helps to hydrate, smooth, and create an even-toned skin. What’s not to love? 

BodySense Beauty Treatments is now a stockist of ALLSKIN|MED. To book in for a treatment and learn what products are a best fit for you, get in touch with Rosa who can point you in the right direction. 



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