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Celebrate good times! BodySense Beauty Treatments marks 33 years in business

We’re not quite sure where the time has gone, but 2023 marks 33 brilliant years in business for Rosa Scialo, founder of BodySense Beauty Treatments.

Rosa launched her bespoke Bromley-based beauty service in March 1990, using a box room as her workspace after training and qualifying as a therapist at a beauty college in Islington. She started out with just a handful of clients — many of whom she still treats today.

Fast forward more than three decades, one house move and two different treatment rooms and Rosa’s passion for rejuvenating, regenerating and refreshing skin shows no signs of slowing down.

Rosa has gone on to become an award-winning beauty therapist specialising in facials, while also offering a full suite of treatments, ranging from lash lifts to manicures.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to have met lots of amazing clients who have become friends along the way,” Rosa tells us. “Some clients from the 90s are still making the journey to me today. I’ve moved, they’ve moved and yet they still travel from as far as Maidstone and Wimbledon to use my services.”

It’s all change

So, aside from welcoming clients old and new into her dedicated treatment room, what else has changed on the beauty front since the 90s?

“The world of beauty has had a few face lifts of its own over my 30 plus years in business,” Rosa says. “Back in 1990, sunbeds and tanning salons were all the rage, people were all about super thin eyebrows and personal waxing was more about tidying the edges than the ‘all-off’ Hollywood approach 😱 that many favour 33 years later.”

As the decades have passed, Rosa has expanded her knowledge, refreshed her skills and added a whole host of new treatments to her list of services. From microneedling and radio frequency treatments to TCA skin peels and Botox-like facials.

But while some beauty trends come and go, Rosa believes there are a few that have stuck. "I could easily list off 33 beauty tips that have stood the test of time, but that might be a longer read than we all need,” So we've decided to keep it brief.

3 top tips to keep in mind in 2023 and beyond

1. Don’t skip your toner

‘Do I really need a toner?’ you might be thinking. The answer is ‘yes’, yes you do.

“Your skin’s natural pH level is around 5,” explains Rosa. “But once you have cleansed, or double cleansed your skin to remove any traces of dirt and pollutants that it’s been exposed to during the day, it causes an imbalance to your pH level. Toner rebalances the pH and helps to close the pores, refresh, hydrate and so much more.”

2. Remember to exfoliate

“Exfoliation is beneficial regardless of your skin type. It will help to refresh, clear, and brighten the skin, as well as even out the skin tone,” Rosa tells us. “I always recommend exfoliating twice a week to get the best results.”

Thankfully, there are lots of different means of exfoliation. Be it physical or chemical. “It doesn’t matter which one you do,” Rosa says. “Which ever works for you and is convenient and I say this because the benefits of exfoliation are huge.”

“First and foremost, moisturisers and serums are packed with essential vitamins and active ingredients, which can be costly. Without exfoliation, the active ingredients cannot get through to the deeper layers of skin. By the time it has fought and pushed its way through the hard layer of dead skin cells, the active ingredients have died, and you’ve wasted your money. And nobody wants that!”

Exfoliating can also:

· Improve radiance

· Improve texture

· Help with anti-aging because it stimulates collagen

· Aid with plumping

3. Always (always) use an eye cream

“Clients often assume that it's okay to use their normal daily moisturiser around the eyes — but this is absolutely not the case,” Rosa says. “The area around our eyes is very thin and delicate. Your daily moisturiser will be far too heavy, causing congestion, which can result in Milia — a common skin condition that causes small white bumps (cysts) under the surface of your skin. Unless it says ‘eye’ in the name of the product like eye gel or eye cream — it shouldn’t go anywhere near your eyes.”

Look this way

Whether it’s beauty advice you’re after, Matis products or a bespoke facial Rosa has many years of experience. If you’re happy to leave yourself in her hands, she will use her knowledge to combine the most appropriate elements and products for your skin.

To find out more, or if you are unsure about what would be best for you, please do get in touch via email or phone. We can't guarantee there will be cake!



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