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The benefits of using bespoke beauty treatments

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We demand a lot from our beauty treatments — and so we should. The right skincare

treatment has the impressive power to revolutionise your skin from the inside out and take it

from ordinary to extraordinary.

So if, like many, you want to achieve the best skincare results in a safe and efficient manner,

allow us to introduce you to the magical world of bespoke beauty treatments.

Defining bespoke beauty treatments

As its name suggests, bespoke beauty treatments are skincare treatments that are tailored to

the needs of your skin.

Perhaps you want to improve your skin’s texture, or address fine lines and wrinkles? Or maybe

you have dreams of achieving a radiant glow, while reducing pores? No matter your skincare

concern, that’s where bespoke treatments step up to the plate.

“Your skin is as unique as you are,” fully-qualified beauty therapist and clinic owner Rosa Scialo

highlights. “So when it comes to skincare solutions, no one size fits all.” That’s why, for the past

30 years, our Beckenham-based beauty salon has been offering a personalised approach to

addressing individual skincare needs — and the results speak for themselves.

So, to find out the benefits of bespoke beauty treatments, keep scrolling.

1. Bespoke beauty treatments…are cost-effective

At BodySense, there’s no spending your hard-earned cash on treatments or beauty solutions

that aren’t right for you or your skin.

Instead, we take a personalised, in-depth and holistic approach, looking at everything from your

general health, any medication you might be taking, current skin concerns and delve deep to

find out what you want to achieve.

“Once I’ve got all this information, I can concoct a perfectly balanced beauty treatment,” Rosa

says. Rosa does so by combining her more than 35 years’ of experience in the industry with her

science-backed formulations. She then puts her hi-tech beauty tools to good use while

tweaking and tailoring each treatment for your skin.

In other words, at BodySense, you’ll only ever pay for the service your skin needs.

2. Tailoring beauty treatments means…you’ll get results

Another plus point? No matter whether you have acne prone skin, rosacea or looking to turn

back the hands of time on fine lines, there’s no self-prescribing products or treatments around


Instead, you’ll have an industry expert at your fingertips who’s stacked up nearly 40 decades’ in

business meaning you’ll get higher treatment success rates.

“I discuss skin treatment plans with all my clients, ranging from what treatment to pick, their

homecare routine, the strength and type of product to use and how often they should use it i.e.

daily, weekly or monthly. This ensures everyone receives an individualised skincare solution

that is right for them.” Rosa adds.

3. Tailoring beauty treatments means…it’s right for you

So you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in good hands and receive just what you (and your

skin needs) at this moment in time, as well as preventing future skincare issues.

“Sometimes, my clients have their treatments booked in advance,” Rosa says. “But when it

comes to the day of the treatment, they’ll say, ‘I’ve had a stressful day, so instead of doing what

we had planned, can we do something else?’ And that’s the benefit of offering bespoke

treatments,” Rosa says. “Anyone who steps foot through my door will always walk away leaving

with what their skin (and soul) needs right now”.

4. Tailoring beauty treatments means…less down time

And, depending on the treatment you have, there could be no downtime at all. That’s because

Rosa uses solutions that are right for your skin and designed to suit your individual patient


Ready to book in for a bespoke treatment?

Then look this way! Award-winning beauty therapist Rosa is more than happy to help you start

your custom skin care journey and get you one step closer to achieving your skincare goals.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, please do contact Rosa. No question is a silly

question. So just reach out by dropping us an email or phoning 07719 568651.



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